Salsa lessons in Cuba

Learning salsa in Cuba is fantastic. I have been to Cuba already many times before to take salsa lessons and this is exactly what I am going to do in future.

The vibe of Havana is amazing and thrives you to accelerate with your salsa skills in short time. Salsa sets the notion of something mysterious. As if it tries to tell you, that there is something more waiting for you around the next corner of colorful Cuba.

Salsa lessons in Cuba are usually private. That means that everyone is able to spend sufficient time with a personal salsa instructor. As everyone learns differently, this exclusivity comes with a handful of benefits:

  • You will be able to set your individual priorities and learning pace
  • The instructor can individually coach you
  • Classes will be always individual to provide the best Salsa experience

With the videos on this page, our objective is not to provide you with a made up glamour world, but rather to provide you some good insights about how each salsa lesson is structured as well as what to expect.

Going back and back

In the video, Wendy shows us some basic Salsa movements.


Turning the lady

In this video, Wendy explains how to properly turn the girl.


Dile que no

One of the absolute basic steps in salsa is the "Dile que no". This step is for the ladies. To show a little bit off, Wendy has included a finta as part of the Dile que no. Do you see it?

Please do not try to hard to understand those steps, rather visit us in Cuba and simply feel it.


Salsa taps on the spot

Here, Wendy shows us some stylish salsa taps on the spot.


Going side to side

These are some easy movements that can be applied during regular salsa dancing to spice up your performance :-)