Salsa classes for men

Let's be honest. For men, learning to dance might be perceived as one of the most difficult things in the wold. The expectations for us are extremly high: We do not only have to lead, stay in the right speed and rythm but also actually have to know the steps in order to apply some men-styling that will entertain the ladies. About four level of complexity that come together at the very same time. The pressure most of the times comes from us. And we are usually not very well known for being multi-tasking.

This page provides an unfiltered view about nothing else but the truth: Learning to dance salsa for men is some hard work. Feeling the progress by accomplishing new things will motivate us even more. Dancing a full song with a leady means the world to us. And for sure, it is so much fun :-)

Salsa back spins

Here, I am practicing a back-spin combo. As you can see from the video it is no rocket-science but only some hard work and even more patience :-)


Esso es

I really like it when Wendy tells me "Esso es" as this is a good indication that I am on a good way of improving myself.


Left salsa spins

Of course you can also turn to the other side. When turning left you do know go back with your right foot, instead, you use your right foot to start walking around yourself anit-clockwise.


Adding more steps

As you can see, we had a pretty busy day on the roof-top that day. Between each video we had usually a 30 minutes round of practice. Of course this practice is very individual and depends on each and every one's individual needs. The private lessons are amazing, as they help to target all of those individual challenges that might be arising on the way. And do not judge be by my opener please. This is something that we have not practiced in detail yet ;-)


Without music

Salsa is no rocketsince, yet requires a lot of practice. In this clip you see that Wendy and I are starting now to practice the new steps without music.


Body movements

Salsa is about coordinating the steps with the right body movements. When brining all the elements together it might not look very elegant in the first place, however, when the music speeds up this practice will definitely pay off.


And again

Not sure, how many times we have practiced those new steps by now. I hope you also realize that movements become more fluent now. Almost time to try everything together with music now.


Salsa fintas

Fintas in salsa are movements you do very quickly with your hands and arms while dancing. When not used to those movements it still requires a bit of concentration. When I focus on fintas, I sometimes forget about the steps.


Speeding up

After a while, I am pusing myself to speed up the steps a bit. Since I also want to apply the movements also to faster salsa music. Yet, it looks a bit clumsy. 


Adding some footwork

In Salsa you usually would count 1,2,3 and 5,6,7. For this step, however, you count until 8 which might be a bit confusing to beginn with. To learn new steps can be a bit frustrating, but when mastering them really well, they can be used to spice up the overall salsa choreography.


With music

It is about time to try the new steps and movements with some slow music. Fortunately, Wendy loves her job and is therefore very patient with me.


Better together

By now, you hopefully see that many things come together now. Maybe it is the music and probably it also always looks better when dancing together, but you hopefully agree that there is a small progress to watch here.


Step by step

The beginning is always not easy. In this clip I am mainly concentrating on the steps. By watching the video you will see, that I am trying to apply a couple of new steps that I have learned on that day.



It is probably still quite far away from being perfect but I am getting there. This video shows how I apply all 3 new foot movements, including some fintas. The next step for me is to go out that night to practice everything at one of the famous salsa parties that you can find in Habana.