Kitesurfing in Cuba

If you’re tired of meaningless existence on a beach, our instructors are ready to initiate you into the art of kitesurfing and to share the philosophy and vibe of this amazing sport.

Apart from that, you can be certain that you’re in a good company: we can provide for vibrant beach parties, take breath-taking pictures, engage in sight-seeing the Freedom Island together.

Easy and friendly teaching by our seasoned masters

Kiteschool Cuba-Kite is an officially registered company and has all the necessary licenses as well as a dedicated part of the beach reserved for the school, a defined water area, changing and gear storage rooms, fresh water shower, life-saving equipment and 24-hour security. We also offer equipment for rent to our clients.

The gates to kite-surfing heaven are here!

Cuba is the heaven on earth: warm sun, mellow Caribbean climate, air and water temperature around 24-30 degrees all year round, clean ocean with turquoise waters, Spanish architecture of the 16th century, classic American cars, rum, music and the freshening taste of freedom.

We have hand-picked the spot for our school from many places to choose from. Cuba-Kite founders have traveled around a lot and have chosen Cuba as one of the best places on Earth, the island of Cayo Coco being one of the most fit-for-kiting places around!