Salsa lessons for couples

We provide dedicated salsa lessons for couples. Each lesson is guided by a male, as well as female salsa instructor to provide the best salsa experience for our students as possible. 

With the male student we follow our guidelines from our salsa lessons for men program and the same for the female student, for whom we will apply the course structure from our salsa lessons for woman program

What does that mean?

We will teach all the hard and logical stuff to the guys:

  • Leading the lady in salsa
  • Basic Salsa steps
  • Basic salsa openers

We will teach the girls all the fun stuff:

  • Reading and following the signals from your partner
  • Basic Salsa steps
  • Mastering fron and backwards spins

Half of the time you will be dancing together, providing you enought time to apply the different elements and steps which you just learned.