Salsa lessons for salsa nightouts

Out of experience, practicing salsa steps and applying salsa movements on the dance floor are completely serparate things. 

Or course, you need to learn and practive all salsa steps but once you are on the dance floor, applying those usually feels weired and not as natural as it felt during the protected surroundings of your salsa lessons. 

Why is that?

When dancing on a dance floor, e.g. to live music and among other people, movements are not as structured and clear anymore as they are during a salsa lesson. Often students are extra nervous and forget small details, whether how to start a salsa figure or how to end it. Things may get even worse when dancing with different and unknown dancing partners.

The good news is

We all have been there. Especially myself, so I am speaking out of experience. I feel lucky for everyone who did not have to go through this learning curve and was an awesome salsa dancer from the very beginning. Of course, this only happens to a very few of us. 

Our approach

As part of our salsa lessons for nightout classes, we teach easy movements and styling that can be easily applied during our nightout while dancing salsa on a dance floor. No complex salsa figures but rather movements coming from other dances like son and rumba that can easily be combined with your basic, as wel as advanced salsa knowledge.


The dancefloor

The dancefloors in Cuba, wether in Havana or at a casa de la musica any where in Cuba, provide you the perfect setting to try and practive your new salsa movements.


Step by step

Like the couple in our video, you will be slowely becoming friends with the dancefloor allowing you to have fun as well as a true authentic Cuban experience.


Dance like Wendy

Maybe you will not dance like our Wendy from the very beginning but we will make sure that you perfectly master the steps we teach you, making you shine when we going out for salsa dancing in Cuba.