Spanish classes in Havana

Havana is a modern paradise combining rich history, unique culture and a laid-back atmosphere with magnificent beaches providing a picturesque backdrop. The city is famed for its colonial architecture and incredible landscapes, with the city center designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Not only does Havana have a wildly varied and turbulent history, but the city’s culture is also synonymous with passion, vibrancy and exuberance. In Havana you can expect to find a zest for life and colour and a captivating atmosphere to match.

Cuba’s capital city offers everything from museums and art galleries to salsa clubs and a natural beauty that will enthral every visitor. With 47km of coastline and 20km of stunning white, sandy beaches, you always have the option between culture and excitement or lying back and taking in the beauty of the glistening Carribean Sea. The ocean is a paradise for scuba divers with a vibrant marine life and a number of deep sea diving and fishing spots.

Why take one of our Spanish courses in Havana?

Havana is the perfect setting for a Spanish classes, encouraging students to adopt the local laid-back lifestyle and absorb the surrounding language almost effortlessly. The adventure round every corner of this enchanting city, as well as the passion of the Cubans, will only give you more desire to master the spirited Spanish language.