Miro in Habana

March 2018

Like someone who like Cuban cigar, good rum and to dance salsa I decide that my next destination after so many is going to be Cuba-Havana.

I went at beginning of January with 2 of my friends and we stay 12 days. After going on exit,one hombre was waiting for us to drive us to the apartment.

We booked an apartment ("Casa particular") with 3 rooms in old Havana or "Havana Vieja" how they call it. Owners of that house were more than helpful. They treat us like we r there friends (that is how most of the Cuban people are).

First night we didn't go anywhere because we need sleep and rest. After we woke up and having breakfast we went out to start to explore Havana.... Very first thing that I notes is how simple they are and how little they need to be happy.

Compering to all countries that I so (Spain, Italy, USA, most of Caribbean, Balkan countries) Cuban people are more grateful and respect more what they have then any of these countries.

My Spanish is very bad and I know only a little but every time when I try to have any conversation with local people they are more that happy to talk we me and I feel that they respect my effort.

That first few days we were just exploring streets of Havana and enjoying in positive atmosphere everywhere where we go. Of course that we need to taste Havana club rum and Cohiba cigar :D At the night we went to some local club were are together local people and tourists and it was great even when there was no so many salsa music, instead it was reggaeton.

After few days we finally found one salsa club (it's more like restaurant-garden with stage place), name of that place is "1830 garden". Drinks are not expensive,music is great and sometimes if not all the time is live with band (don't remember). Over there we went with taxi, old Ford from '50s but still going like it's new and of course big speakers and reggaeton inside :D

From Old Havana to that place is like 5-6 km (3 mile) and we pay 10 CUC (10 euros) and that was very expensive compering that IF U KNOW u can pay 1 CUC.

After I saw how Cubans are dancing I start to believe that they first learn how to dance and after that how to walk :)))))

After they close the club we went home,walking just to experience more.... On the way home we meet few Cubans boys and girls who were dancing with us witch was surprise for us but great feeling. No matter where we were,we didn't have any problem,not even the small one!!!

If I need to say one bad thing about Havana, I would say that they don't take care of the cleanness of the streets so much BUT u not gonna see or find one person who are wearing dirty clothes, which was very impressive for me!

I regret that I didn't go to see some other parts of Cuba like Santiago de cuba and Trinidad but for sure coming back to explore that part also....

After going on airport and leaving Havana sweet taste stay in mouth for being able to experience all that but also sadness for leaving....

Like someone said it before


Until next time HASTA LUEGO! ;-)