Salsa fun

Browse around. Check out the city. Find a nice roof top bar or restaurant and start dancing salsa whenever you feel like it. This is the theme when thinking about having a bit of Salsa Fun in Cuba. You will see that Cuba is amazingly colorful. Places and people are literally inviting you to practice your steps wherever the day may take you.

At the Paseo del Prado

Here we put up some Booms and started to dance to some refreshing Salsa vibes on a nice sunny summer day directly in the center of Havana, the Paseo del Prado.


In the living room

Here you see me dancing in the living room of my hostmother's casa in Old Habana. Cubans would never say no to a fun round of salsa dancing.


On the beach

Check this out. Spontanous Salsa session with locals at the incredible beaches of Varadero in Cuba.


Dancing with the locals

The locals are always up for a round of pure salsa dancing. Spot me here at the Paseo del Prado dancing with a elder woman. The salsa style has evolved, can you see the traditional style from back in the days she is dancing here on this video.


Way above Centro Habana

The last time I visited Cuba, I brought my little drone. It was not so easy to find the right angle to catch the best view on both, us dancing as well as the skyline of Habana. This was certainly one of the best experiences I ever had. I hope you will also get the chance to have a similar experience one day.


From the rooftop

We added the second part of the roof top dance as it was just too much fun doing it. Man, we were on fire. The beauty with a personal salsa instructor is, that you do not necessarily need a proper class room. Just start dancing whether you feel like.