Sports & Activities

For a small country Cuba has done remarkably well in International sporting events, especially in athletics and boxing. This can be attributed in many ways to the encouragement given by the Government, who see sport as an important and integral part of the education. In 1991 Cuba was the host to the Pan-American games, the most prestigious even ever held in Cuba.

Amongst the population, Baseball is one of the most favorite sports with every large town having a baseball stadium. In case you frequently watch the Olympic Games, it is difficult to forget the Cuban contestants, especially the boxers who always seem to win most of the medals. Most towns have a gym to host regular boxing tournaments.

Every year, Cuba hosts numerous international sports events. Cuba is a world sports power. The country is known for boxing, baseball and volleyball, and boasts stars in track and field, fencing, judo, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, chess as well as weightlifting.