What not to do:

Cuba is generally safe, but it remains a bit of enigma with a lot of confusion and misinformation.  Up until 1997 it was actually illegal for locals to mingle with international tourists but now that the five-decade embargo with the US has been lifted and relations are on the mend tourism is starting to normalize.  Still, there’s still some don’ts;

  • Don’t flash your cash, iPhone or bling. Many Cubans are impoverished, so this is asking for trouble.
  • Don’t take a happy snap with the police or military and don’t blow your nose in public. The first is illegal, the latter considered rude.
  • Don’t diss Fidel, unless you want to end up in a heated political debate (or hot water).
  • Don’t ask for directions from street hustlers, they’ll give you a hard luck story and hit you up for cash.
  • Don’t drink the water, bottled is the cleanest, safest option.